How Cool Vacation Works

Pick A Membership Level That Suits You.

All memberships gain you acces to the Cool Vacation Community deals. The level of the membership determines how much you save and how many times you can buy deals. Our Free Trial gets you a Bronze Membership.

Bronze Membership: This is the basic membership. Meant for those people who travel once maybe twice a year. You get four bronze tokens when you join and these are good for the entire year of your membership.

Silver Membership: This is the standard membership. Meant for those people who travel for business or pleasure 5 to 6 times a year. You get 8 Silver tokens when you join and these are good for the entire year of your membership. Silver members receive priority pricing over Bronze members.

Gold Membership: This is the premium membership. Meant for those people who travel for business or pleasure 7 or more times a year. You get 12 Gold tokens when you join and these are good for the entire year of your membership. Gold members receive the highest level of discounts.

Simply Enter Your Dates and Destination To Find Deals.

Cool Vacation has a vast feed of deals. Not like some other comunnities that offer you one deal a day. You can find over 25,000 deals a day below major online site prices. This isnt limited to hotels. Cool vacation works with major car rental companies, every major airline and we offer 5,000 different activties. We have scoured the globe to work with providers from 4 continenets and 6 countries giving us unprecedented access to discounts.

Usually the biggest decision when it comes to travel is the hote or lodging portion. This is where cool vacation can help you a ton. With over 50,000 hotels, condos, vacation homes and resorts in our system there is always a way to save or upgrade.

With the car Rental search we have almost every major city and airport worldwide. Just put in thje time and date of your pick up and drop off and choose from hundreds of car deals. The activities search allows you to find show tickets, them park tickets, broadway shows, tours, transporatation in over 400 major tourist destinations. When it comes to airline searches we offer one way, round trip and multi leg travel from major airlines and consildators.

Redeem a Good Trip Token When You Make A Purchase

At the core of the cool vacation community are the cool vacation tokens. These tokens are used to make a discounted travel purchase along with cash. Look at is a token onto a ferry to your cool vacation. The main types of tokens are bronze, silver and gold. These are given out based on the membership level choosen when you join the cool vacation community.

Each time you make a purchase in the Cool vacation Community you will need to use a token. Some the number of tokens needed to purchase a vacation will vary based on the deal itself and the level of membership you have choosen. Most often it will cost 1 token to make a single purchase.

The tokens you receive with your membership are just the beginning. Cool vacation issues all types of tokens that will help you save additional money of the already discounted prices. Tokens do expire so you have to use them or lose them. If you run out of tokens you can always buy more for just $25 for 5 tokens.

The ultimate goal is to save you money. Average of 35% off Big Sites.

The whole point of Cool vacation is to save you money off of the major brands that you have been using for years to book your travel. You ask how can we do this. We are sure you seen the commercials on TV about unpublished rates or ways to buy hotels at a discount without knowing where you will stay. Cool vacation is a natural evolution of this.

There are tens of thousands of companeis that want to run sales but not for the general public. We have scoured the globe to work with a myriad of companies to aggregate the best of these deals.

If we are not saving you money then we are not doing our job. We make it easy for you to compare teh amazing club prices to the big guys. You can just check a box and search them right along with your great member price. If by chance we dont have the best deal we will handle the room booking for you and give you 3 months free on Cool vacation.

Cool Vacation helps you saves money and have fun on your vacation.

“Wholesale clubs have been a part of consumers life for many years. We have finally found a way to bring this to travel.”

Michael Hofeld, Cool Vacation, C.E.O.

“If you aren’t saving money and them we aren’t doing our job. We will do everything in our power to get you to have a cool vacation .”

Daniel Vaca, Cool Vaction , D.O.O.

“The Cool trip token system is meant to be fun and integrate an extra level of engagment duirng the research process. .”

Robert Knaak, RVI, Inc.

“I was amazed to see how many deals there were below the big sites. I saved 10 times my membership on my first trip.”

Amy Meyer,  Cool Vacation Member.

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