Cool Vacation Member Site

Our members web site is the core tool that you will use to save money have have a cool vacation. The site is always changing and updating. Read a list below that gives you a better idea of what to expect from the site as a member:

Easy To Use Site

The site is very simple to use. I we say over and over again its just like all fo the big name travel sites you have used before. You just need your user name and password to enter. Then you can choose from our 4 different searches four air, car, lodging or activities.

Deal Diamonds in the Rough

Think of cool vacation as a massive travel bargin bin. He have 50,000 lodging options. Sometimes the best deals will be right at the top of the page. Sometimes they will be buried a page or two deep. One day we may have 50% off a Hilton the next day it could be 35% off the Marriott. The deals change constantly. This is part of why you can get the amazing deals.

However, we make it very easy for you to view your options from the big boys just to confirm you are saving bucks on your cool vacation.

Always Adding Something

Every day we are working at improving the qulity of the deals, the number of deals and the user interface. There is a vast social integration coming to Cool Vacation that will allow you to connect directly via Facebook. An much much more.

Our members are our first priority. Tell us what you want. Please.  » Michael Hofeld, CEO

“Its a modern bizarre of travel deals. Come on in.”

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